Friday, August 26, 2011

WIP update and a finish

This is the latest photo of my VOHRH, I know the Mill looks like it is crooked but trust me it isn't. I try and work on this project in between other small ones just so that I keep going. My next HRH will be done on a smaller count and I will use silks instead as I love the look of silks with large projects. I do try and work the hardest blocks first so that the last blocks finish quickly.

This is my Just Nan, Bluebird Alphabet and was extremely quick to stitch. I wouldn't mind doing this again and change the greens to different shades of blue and the blue can be tan colours with even some charcoal.

This afternoon we are off to watch our DS #2 in the Queensland state swimming championships, we hope he does some personal best times, especially after the rotten year he has had with injuries and sickness, hopefully it is onward and upward for the rest of his school swimming.
For me personally I find out if I am diagnosed with Coeliac disease on monday. Now that will change my eating habits and I will have to buy a whole bunch of new cookbooks!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Long Absence...Sorry

I am sorry that it has been so long since I last blogged but once again life got in the way, oh and DH was OS so he couldn't take my photo's for me.
I could go on about swimming coaches, teenage boys, school years 11 and 12, husbands being away, blah, blah, no-one listens anyway!!!

I will have a little soap box moment though, I was quite disappointed with one of the shops on the internet that I order from quite regularly. Anyway, they forgot to enclose part of my order and had to send it on separately, now it was only a couple of packets of fancy pins, which if had been sent with the original order would not have cost me any more in postage, but did they apologise and pay for the postage, they charged me over $8.00 for postage and not a sorry anywhere. You should have seen the size of the box that they came in, you would have thought I had ordered 100 packets! It isn't so much the cost of the postage, though it was their error and customer service and all but it was that there was no apology, plus they took over a month to get here? Things normally take around 10 days to get from the US to here in Australia.

I feel very naughty as I hadn't even checked my stitching email account until today, and whoah there were over 150 emails. I still haven't checked them all. Oh don't go and get excited, that isn't how many people send me comments (I wish) it is the emails that come through the groups that I am a member of.

Now for Stitching updates:-

This was Lizzie Kate's Merry Friends - Santa '03 but since we don't have cats I tried to change it into a dog! I am adding a bone button where the rabbit is meant to be or perhaps if I can find a dog house button just the right size that might work too. Once again I have worked it on a 7ct so that I can make it into a bit bigger cushion.

I just love this pattern and I haven't finished yet as I still have to make up the little Advent bags and stitch on the ribbon and buttons to hold the bags. You can get a better idea of what I am going to do by looking at All the beautiful things and have a look under her Christmas tag and you will find it in there.

I hope this post finds everyone in good health and cheer.