Thursday, June 18, 2009

My how the time flies and it has been almost two weeks since my last post. I am sorry but these pictures are a bit dark, but doesn't that go with the Halloween theme? The bags were a really quick stitch. I turned the Amy Bruecken pattern into a little pillow, I wasn't happy with my finishing but I tried something different and have learnt a couple of lessons for next time.

RIP (SB) Brew (SB) & The Witch is in (Amy Bruecken)
eek (SB) RIP (SB) and  Halloween (Pine Mountain)
showing some of my halloween collection.

Until next time. 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shepherds Bush to be framed

These next photo's are of the Shepherds Bush works that need framing. Yes it is only the one's that need framing I will show more of the finished works that I have planned for something else. I order the Matts from the US as I think they do really finish the work off nicely. Rensel Studios are so clever.
I am a little disappointed with myself for Little Witch as I stitched it with 2 threads over 2, I forgot I was only meant to use 1 thread. It doesn't have that nice fine finish but I wasn't going to unpick it all. Perhaps one day I can stitch it again when I have nothing else to stitch.....oh like that is ever going to happen.

Garden Gentle & My garden
Autumn Blessings
Halloween ABC
Little Witch, Pumpkin Hill & Spooky Sheep
Pumpkin Hill
Yuletide Sampler
Little Witch
Jingle & Fa La La
Fa La La