Monday, October 19, 2009

More Framing

Thank you for the kind words from my last post, it makes one feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well here are some more with my terrible camera shots!
They are all Shepherds Bush and the Mat's are Jill Rensel. The Frames are from our local Framer.

A Shepherd's Bush exclusive called Halloween ABC.

This one is my husband's favourite, he really likes the colours and it is called Pumpkin Hill.

Little Witch.

This one is another of my favourites and it is called Fright.

I have also have Spooky Sheep to show you but that picture was worse than these - can you believe that they can get worse!

I still have more to show, so stay tuned.


Friday, October 16, 2009


Would you believe the framer has dropped off 13 pieces to me this week! I have been trying to get some good photo's to show you. If any one has some good suggestions on how to take a good photo of a framed piece that has glass, please let me know.

This piece above is a Shepherds bush called Autumn Blessing and of course the mat is another Jill Rensel, where would I be without her!

This is Prairie Schooler - When Witches go Riding and again with a Jill Rensel mat. This is my son's favourite piece that came in this week and I must admit I love the darkness of it too.

We have just come back from a couple of weeks away in Queensland and I was so thrilled when I got home there were 4 parcels waiting for me and then on the next day another 2 came in. So now I will also have to take a photo of my new stash items won't I?

Cheers for now