Friday, October 16, 2009


Would you believe the framer has dropped off 13 pieces to me this week! I have been trying to get some good photo's to show you. If any one has some good suggestions on how to take a good photo of a framed piece that has glass, please let me know.

This piece above is a Shepherds bush called Autumn Blessing and of course the mat is another Jill Rensel, where would I be without her!

This is Prairie Schooler - When Witches go Riding and again with a Jill Rensel mat. This is my son's favourite piece that came in this week and I must admit I love the darkness of it too.

We have just come back from a couple of weeks away in Queensland and I was so thrilled when I got home there were 4 parcels waiting for me and then on the next day another 2 came in. So now I will also have to take a photo of my new stash items won't I?

Cheers for now


MaryT said...

Wow love them both! I know what you mean about the glass and trying to get a good picture but if you click on it and enlarge the picture you can see it really well.

Dixie said...

Love your When Witches Go Riding piece. Its a wonderful finish and surely one your son will claim some day as his own!

Anonymous said...

Your framed pieces are both absolutely exquisite! Do you mind if I ask where you guy your Rensel mats from? I am in LOVE with the Halloween one, and I HAVE to have it ... then it'll give me the incentive to actually get the stitching done! ;P

Jennifer said...

I love all your stitching/ framed pieces. Look forward to seeing more of your work