Thursday, September 3, 2009

These are some of my finished and framed Christmas cross stitches. 1st is Ellen Stouffer - Merry Christmas. 2nd is of course Shepherds Bush - The Toy Gatherer, with a Jill Rensel mount. 3rd is Told In the Garden/Lavendar & Lace - Celtic Christmas, this is one of my favourite pieces as I just love the reds and how they are blended, it is a shame that my photography doesn't do it justice. Lastly for this post is another Shepherds Bush - Santa's Christmas, which is on the bottom and the top one escapes me for now so I will have to look and try and find the leaflet and let you know on this one. I love the 3D stockings hanging from the fire place in this one.
I have a lot more Christmas stitching to share so stay tuned.


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