Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prairie Schooler

I tried to upload 5 pictures today but Blogger won't let me, hum.
Anyway, we survived the floods. We are the second street from Brisbane River and the water didn't even make it to the first street thank goodness. We felt a little guilty since houses inland were inundated by water and yet here we are only the second street and not a drop. A big thank you to all those people that stopped and asked us if we needed any help sand bagging or moving furniture it was great to see human kindness. Our biggest thank you goes to our first stranger 'Duncan' who did help us do it all and we are now all friends and we were invited to his wife's 50th birthday and hope to spend more birthdays together.

Here are some photo's of the Prairie Schooler Santa's that I hope to make into ornaments by the end of the year. I stitched them a couple of years ago and still haven't sewn them together, you may be seeing a bit of a pattern here. Unless they get framed they spend a lot of time in my finished box and don't move. The colours have been changed as I wanted to use up some threads that I have in my old thread system.


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