Monday, June 20, 2011


These are a couple of photo's of my boys. I don't like to put family photo's on my blog but it was his formal. I can't believe he is almost finished senior school, where did the years go? The first picture is of him and his girlfriend, who came up from Adelaide to be with him and the second photo is with his brother, who just got his braces off and isn't quite use to smiling with his mouth open.
The photo isn't great as they don't have red hair but with the colour of the light that is the way it appears. We do call them Australia's version of Harry and Will, I know they don't look anything like them but their nature is very similar.
We had the pre-formal party at our house and had 3 limo's out the front waiting for them all to go to the formal. The younger children across the road thought it was great. Now DS2 wants the pre-formal party at our house next year but he would like the stretched 'Hummers'!

Now on the stitching front, do any of you get 'The gift of stitching' magazine? I was shocked when the latest one arrived to find that there was my 'Ort' jar. I showed DH as he was the one that took the photo, there is no way that it would have been published if I had taken the photo. It is surprising who reads my blog or perhaps they just googled the word 'Ort', I hope they read the blog!!!


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leah said...

Very handsome boys!!