Friday, August 26, 2011

WIP update and a finish

This is the latest photo of my VOHRH, I know the Mill looks like it is crooked but trust me it isn't. I try and work on this project in between other small ones just so that I keep going. My next HRH will be done on a smaller count and I will use silks instead as I love the look of silks with large projects. I do try and work the hardest blocks first so that the last blocks finish quickly.

This is my Just Nan, Bluebird Alphabet and was extremely quick to stitch. I wouldn't mind doing this again and change the greens to different shades of blue and the blue can be tan colours with even some charcoal.

This afternoon we are off to watch our DS #2 in the Queensland state swimming championships, we hope he does some personal best times, especially after the rotten year he has had with injuries and sickness, hopefully it is onward and upward for the rest of his school swimming.
For me personally I find out if I am diagnosed with Coeliac disease on monday. Now that will change my eating habits and I will have to buy a whole bunch of new cookbooks!


Babs in Alabama said...

VOHRH looking good! and love the JN bluebird piece. Color changes on another one sound good too. I hope DS did well in the swimming competition.

MaryT said...

VOHRH is wonderful I have one of the charts and want them all. I need to get busy and start stitching the one I have:)

Mary Louise in IN