Saturday, May 7, 2011

Latest finish and Happy Mothers Day

This is a Marie Suarez kit that I had bought a while back and I had finished the stitching some time ago but like normal, just hadn't quite finished it. I was tired of the spool sitting there by itself so I pulled my socks up and got on with it. Oh and can you tell DH is back to the photography? The Pattern is called 'My Dear Bobbin'.

I do hope all you Mum's out there are having a wonderful day. We went out for breakfast at our local organic cafe, the eggs always taste better and so does the milk in my coffee. We don't celebrate by giving presents but since our boys were born we have always made it that we trace around their hands on the card for both Mothers Day and Fathers Day and then we can look back as to how much they have grown over each year.


leah said...

Happy Mothers Day to you too!! Still loving my beautiful box. Had a nice day where we went to Mantra. Talk soonx

leah said...

Meant to say I love the finish!!