Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Craft room

As promised before, here are two of the other walls in my craft room.

This is on the opposite side of the wall that has all the framed stitches on. This houses my cross stitch and patchwork magazines. The red boxes mainly contain linen in them and I keep my 14/28 counts in one box and my 16/32 counts in another and so on.

This cupboard is mainly to do with patchwork, and the the ladder shelving on the right has all my Liberty Hill collection on it, along with my spools.

This corner is my cross stitch leaflets in alphabetical order of course and some designers even get a folder of their own
This is just some shelving for those little bits and pieces.
Back to my box shelving but this time you can see my suitcase under and that has a lot of my flannel material in it, though not all of it! I have a built in wardrobe that is to the left of this cupboard and in it I keep most of my patchwork kits boxed up and my roll of wading and other craft things that don't look so neat out and about.
These next two photos are of some of my cotton fabrics on the shelves and how I like to keep all the colours together.

So now you have a little insight as to what keeps me going and inspired. I love my room but I can't stay in there once the family is home as I love them more and like being around them.
If you have read this latest post I would love that you leave a comment sometime, just to let me know that there is someone out there that does read it!


Teresa said...

love the look of your room...guess I need some more baskets/crates to unclutter my cubbies.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

I love your organization of your craft room. I am moving to a new smaller apartment the end of July. Instead of a 2nd bedroom being my craft,sewing, libray and compter room, I will have a sunroom to turn into my craft room.

grannystitches said...

Unbelieveable,outstanding I am amazed at how beautiful your craft room is I am so evious how on earth do you keep all that organized better yet How on earth do you get all that wonderful stash you have me drooling!

Alison said...

Love your craft room and the beautiful organisation. Want!!

Anonymous said...

I love your craft room and the way you organized everything makes me be inspired to do the organization to my things as well.. thank you for sharing your photos with us...

Babs in Alabama said...

Love your room, your organization, your STASH! You've inspired more than one of I think :)

Cyndi said...

The way you have designed your crafty room is just beautiful! Such simple and organized colors are truly an inspiration! (not that it was a simple thing to do, I'm sure!)

Deb said...

Your craft room is wonderful. So well organized. I think that I need something like you have with all the cubbies, etc., to keep me organized!

leah said...

you need to come back to Adelaide and organise me!!