Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pin Keeps

Here are the pinkeeps that I had talked about in my last post. The Halloween one is a freebie from (stay tuned on this part and I will add it in when I find the pattern again). From this angle I love the colour of our dining table, anyway back to business.

This is a Stacy Nash Primitives Pinkeep and came as a kit. I put my name down to receive these pinkeeps as they arrive, and so far I have 3 I think. There is this one, another that I have finished stitching but haven't sewn up together yet, a familiar story of mine and I know it is getting tiresome. Perhaps this will give me enough pressure to get it sewn up for next time. And my favourite so far is the one I am working on at the moment, it is a little more detailed than these and a bit bigger too.
This isn't a great angle of the pin keep but you get the idea don't you?
Now I have also been thinking, yes, yes, I know that is a dangerous thing but...I was wondering if you like the blog just being about my stitching or would you like to hear more about what happens in my life with the family and things? I visit a lot of blogs, as you can tell by my list on the side and not one of them is just about stitching, they all add a little about their lives.
I don't have a lot of followers and I was wondering is it because I am completely boring, don't post enough or that I don't let people in to what happens in my life? So I would really like to know what you think, for better or worse, that is the roller coaster of a blog.


leah said...

Well I do love visiting and seeing your latest pieces but a little bit of your life mixed in would be great too . Love the latest!

country stitcher said...

How many followers do you have? On most blogs there is a gadget for followers and they can sign up to follow you that might help get more followers.
Happy Stitching