Saturday, August 4, 2012

I have not been idle

I know it has been a long time since I posted but I have not been idle I promise. I have discovered Pintrest, and I am having a lot of fun looking at all the ideas that come thick and fast on there.
Back to stitching, here are some of the things I have been doing....

My first one here is 'Skeleton Shadow Box' by Prairie Moon and you may notice on the second photo that I have also done the scissor fob also from Prairie Moon but in my typical fashion have not sewn it together with all it's charms yet!

Here is my long awaiting finish of 'Houses of Hawk Run Hollow'. You can see on the second photo that I have made a few changes, I spelt Isaiah how the correction came out and I have taken out the flag from the City Hall block.

Once again I have done the cross stitching but as yet haven't sewn it together, I know, I know, I can here you saying it. I will get there one day. This is the Little House Needleworks Pillow and no changes made to this one.

I did however make a colour change to the Travelling Stitcher as I bought the blue version of the purse, I changed the colour of the house and the dress so that it would match the purse that I bought rather than the original. I did stitch the little Needles patch as well but I will make it into a fob as the blue purse doesn't have room for the patch. Perhaps it could be a Christmas present for someone that I end up forgetting to get a present for???

I have also been keeping up with my Stacey Nash Primitives. I still have one more to go and then I am all caught up with them. 

Hey, if I keep going like this there will be a really good reason to get the sewing machine out, now won't there?

On a personal front, our eldest boy has started University and is doing an Engineering Degree. The first year is an all round Engineering subject and then for the second year they start to define which area they would like to concentrate on. He has a couple of part time jobs (at long last), one is at Pizza Hut in the call centre and the other is tutoring some students in Math. 

Our Second boy is working hard in his final year at school. He is House Captain and he also made Swimming Captain for the school, not bad for a boy that only started there last year! We are very proud of him and he seems to have made quite a few friends. It has been very busy for him, he has had his formal already, um now that reminds me, I still haven't seen the professional photos come home from that, note to self. The year 12's also have a fashion parade which the parents of the school organise and yes I put my name down to help organise the whole thing, which at the time was quite stressful as we only had 6 weeks to do it all. Needless to say it was a great success and I was so proud of DS as his group started the show and for the first 30 seconds he was on the stage by himself miming and acting out to LMFAO's "I'm sexy and I know it". I had nothing to do with the start and I had said that I would have preferred someone else to do it as other parents would think that because I was helping organise the show that is why my son is out there, but I was denied my request as they said there was no-one else that had the guts to do it but DS!!!

DH still continues to travel to Chile every month, good job the wine is nice that comes home every trip.

I could have gone into great lengths about how poor DS1 wrote of our car only having had his license for 3 weeks, but the main thing is that he is fine, so the less said about that the better. It wasn't caused by him speeding which was a blessing, he didn't see the stop sign.

I am currently working on one of the Prairie Schooler Santa Kits, 2005, I think.

Well I am glad that DH was home this weekend so that he could take the photo's again for me.
Until next time, not 7 months this time...

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leah said...

Love that you have added to your great collection of halloween items. Love all the other finishes too!!